We are dedicated to social and political change that more accurately reflects the changing zeitgeist emerging with generational shifts.

                                                                                                                                                                   Vision: A re-invigorated global citizenry that builds lateral, equitable, democratic, engaged and inspired communities that are governed and maintained by the people who live in them.

Mission: To localize culture through creative engagement and generate a willingness to collectively shape our city, province, country and planet.

Mandate: We consult, design and create captivating engagement projects that inspire civic engagement across generations.

Gen Why Media in the Press:

CBC’s Q with Jian Ghomeshi, The Globe and Mail, The Tyee, Open File Vancouver, The Canadian Press,Granville Online, The Georgia Straight, Urban Rush via Shaw TV, Metro News, Scout Magazine, The Vancouver Courier, Metro News, Common Sense Canadian, The Globe and Mail, The Georgia Straight, CKNW, Policy Note Blog, The Common Sense Canadian, The Bill Good Show, Repair The World