Hello Neighbour

How do you change the world? Start where you live. As social tensions and insecurity run high due to issues like climate change, income inequality and xenophobia – there is a growing urgency to reach out and strengthen bonds with the people who live in our communities.

Facilitated by Gen Why Media and Tin Can StudioHello Neighbour is a mobile participatory art project that aims to strengthen community resilience by inviting participants to offer small gestures of kindness and support to their neighbours by sending them a hand-made postcard in the mail.

This project was commissioned by SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement as part of the CU2Expo held at SFU in May 2017.

Check out the project and the postcards here: https://helloneighbouryvr.tumblr.com/

How it works:

Hello Neighbour consist of an activation station set up in high traffic areas of at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver campus). Participants are invited to write a postcard to their neighbours and can choose either a fill-in-the-blank postcard with prompts or a blank postcard to write their own custom message. After participants make their postcards, the team will stamp and mail postcards. Lucky almost everyone knows their neighbour’s address because it’s right beside their own!